Angelia Young began to experience a love for art at a very young age. Her skills as an artist continued to evolve as she completed schooling in child development and earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in K-12 Education. For eight years, she owned and operated a daycare center for children ages 0 – 10 while also working on her degree at the same time.

As she completed her Master of Fine Arts degree, Angelia studied in Paris with some of the best art professors in the world and her work was prominently featured at galleries, and in several art shows. During this time she worked as a Curator and Marketing Manager for a local art gallery.

Angelia currently teaches art and humanities courses at several universities both online and in the classroom. She teaches elementary school children how to draw in an after-school program, and instructs basic art skills to adults of all ages. She continues to show her work around the world and curate women’s art shows, encouraging women to discover and strengthen their voice in the community of the arts.

As Angelia shares her passion for art, she seeks to communicate with children to inspire their love for art in all forms.

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